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1. Multi-channel sales and marketing strategy

Our understanding of multi-channel strategy can help you to integrate your email, advertising, detailing, and nonpersonal marketing materials to reach your target audience effectively. With the sales rep still the primary source of information for most HCPs, we understand the importance of providing them with multiple tools to lead the conversation.

Whatever technology you use for your CLM platform, PIXACORE has the background and knowledge to strategize, design, and develop engaging materials to get the job done.

  • Veeva CLM content

    PIXACORE has been developing CLM content since 2006 and has been a Veeva certified partner since 2011. Our philosophy in developing content for sales reps' usage is to provide them with simple, succinct messaging.

    Check out our Case Study for more on our approach to CLM content.

  • Approved Email

    Targeted, compliant emails sent from reps have been highly effective in reaching even no-see HCPs. We have proven expertise in writing, designing, and programming these emails to make them flexible, reusable, and intuitive for the reps to send.

    Please check out our Case Study on Approved Email implementation.

    Quote from Sales Rep after using our Approved Emails:

    “I ended up getting a sit-down appointment with a 'no-access' office. They were starting a new patient on [our product], so I was able to speak to them on that. Additionally, they shared with me some pharmacy issues for 3 patients who were experiencing some delays in getting their drug. So I spoke to them about how we can help and the doctor told me that "They are a no-see office but that I can contact him directly anytime." Relationship established!”

  • Veeva Engage Meeting and Engage for Portals

    We can deliver the same content you use in your detailing presentations as responsive (RWD) content for use in Veeva Engage for Portals (previously CoBrowse), Engage for Meetings, or Webinars. This nonpersonal detailing allows your reps to reach out to physicians on their own schedule, and provide them with additional follow-up information in a compliant and trackable manner.

2. Marketing Automation

Marketing departments are always looking for ways to support their sales reps in maintaining an active communication with their HCPs. Marketing automation supports the Veeva ecosystem through the use of auto-responder emails, follow-ups to website visits, or other interactions that a HCP may have with your brand. Our strategy team can help you work through the best practices, and avoid the pitfalls in developing your campaigns, while providing you with a 360-degree view of your interactions. Once they are in place, your campaign can run on autopilot while you focus on other things.

3. Salesforce CRM Administration

In addition to building the content for your sales and medical teams, we understand the backend CRM platforms that manage all the data. This is where the real benefits of the CLM platform can be realized. Content should be created to clearly convey information to the HCP, while also gathering the information you want to know about their attitudes and the roadblocks they are facing. Sometimes, the default system configuration is not enough and customized objects and fields are necessary to provide the necessary data. We can help with these issues and support your internal teams in managing the back-end data and analytics.

4. Veeva CRM MyInsights Analytics Strategy and Programming

Veeva CRM MyInsights provides analytic visualizations for sales and medical representatives to help them with 2 key tasks: to plan their calls and learn what tactics are most effective. We possess the capability to analyze your unique requirements and create individualized, custom-made reports in HTML and JavaScript that are available in real-time on your reps’ iPads. This is also an invaluable tool to managers, allowing them to see how their direct reports are doing.

5. User Experience, Content, and Development

In the past, multi-channel has meant taking the same content and sending it out via email or over a live meeting. We work with your brand team from the beginning to design a comprehensive, integrated strategy that combines the strengths of various tools to achieve your business objectives. Approved Emails can be integrated into the CLM content. Engage presentations can be sent out to HCPs as a follow-up to a call if the meeting is cut short. Real-time data visualization can help the rep plan their next meeting with the doctor.

As we develop strategy and content, we hold timely meetings, role-plays, and user-testing sessions with all stakeholders. This process helps guide and inform the usability and content of the materials that are being developed, so that they serve the needs of the sales reps.

6. Platform Training

One of the biggest roadblocks to the widespread adoption of CLM is inadequate training. Both initial launch and ongoing training are needed to educate reps on how and when to use the tools. Because we understand the challenges that sales reps face, we involve them throughout the entire process of creating the content. We develop training materials in conjunction with the rollout of the end product to ensure that all their questions are answered.

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