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Examples of how clients have optimized their CRM with Veeva powered by PIXACORE

At PIXACORE, we don’t provide off-the-shelf solutions. We customize every project to meet the unique needs of the brand, target market, and client objectives.

View our case studies to get a glimpse into the successful Veeva implementation experiences we create with our clients and the business results we help them achieve.

Veeva CLM: Case Study


A global pharma company, seeking centralized and streamlined Veeva content for all their brands, engaged PIXACORE to bring it all together.


This global pharma company had been disappointed by previous attempts to gain widespread usage and acceptance of digital sales tools by the sales force.


  1. Develop an e-detail template that would be easily adaptable as new products are added to the growing portfolio.
  2. Maintain consistent user interface and usability across all brands.
  3. Create cost efficiencies through centralized development.
  4. Create a global e-detail template for use with multiple products that could be easily transcreated into multiple languages.

Unique challenges we encountered

  1. Converting users from selling off of print materials to using a digital sales tool.
  2. Sales force selling multiple products across and within therapeutic categories, necessitating a sequencing story.
  3. Management was keen on using Veeva as a way for management to track usage of the tool and calls.
  4. Creation of custom presentations that work for both brief and extended calls.

Our Solutions:

  1. We created a standardized UX for all global details so that users did not have to learn a new navigational methodology for each brand.
  2. Content emphasized visual elements and with plenty of room for translated text.
  3. Messaging was restricted to one key point per slide to enable countries to easily customize their presentations depending upon local restrictions or needs.
  1. Frequent meetings were held to get input and user feedback from various countries during the creative process.
  2. Provide detailed training to sales reps and managers in the use of the Veeva platform and the benefits to the rep in being able to track what has been presented.
  3. Enable frequent updates based on new scientific data, usage analytics, and user feedback.

Our Results

  1. There was rapid adoption of the e-details since the sales reps were involved in their creation from the beginning.
  2. Reps reported being able to easily present content due to the simplicity of the presentation and the consistent UX.
  1. Cost efficiencies were achieved by creating a unified UX, and coding structure for the programs across all brands, enabling easy transcreation for other countries.
  2. Frequent, ongoing updates to the program result in continued usage and data accumulation to develop a profile of HCPs

Veeva Approved Emails: Case Study


A major oncology brand needed a new approach to initiate and maintain an ongoing dialogue with their audience.


The brand faced increased pressure from new products on the market and decreased budgets. Traditional websites and broadcast emails were proving to be ineffective in reaching their intended audience.

Our Solution

  1. Create a limited number of emails that can satisfy multiple needs for the reps.
  2. Ensure that replies were enabled on the email.
  3. Create both transactional and informational emails to facilitate natural communication.
  1. Stay on top of the HCPs’ inbox with varied content.
  2. Provide varied content so that reps could email target physicians every 1-2 weeks with different information.
  3. Create email templates that are responsive and easy to read on mobile devices.

Our Results

  1. Approved emails achieved exceptional open and click-through rates that far exceeded traditional broadcast emails.
  2. HCPs are able to get access to important timely information that would normally be filtered out.
  3. iRep email is providing unprecedented access to "no see" and hard-to-reach providers.
I sent the email to all my CC1s that I had an email address for on Sunday evening. By noon today I had 2 responses from doctors. One said he is starting a patient and the other said “Stop by anytime.” The second doctor normally does not meet with reps outside lunch meetings.